We should have a mix of the four colors....sable, blue, champagne and platinum in the next litter.  We won't know until they are born, however.  It is like Forest Gumps box of chocolates.....


House of Burmese Cats has been  breeding their cats for nineteen years and are very proud of the beautiful pet kittens we have sent to loving, responsible homes.  We are a small hobby breeder and only breed our four queens twice a year or less, depending on the heat schedule.  We have a contract and guarantee, give first shots for distemper, calicivirus, and rhino with a booster that is good for two years.  Our cats and kittens are never caged, fed the best food, get NuVet Vitamins and add Oxyfresh Pet Oral Solution in their drinking water every day to control gingivitis and bad breath.  They are pampered, and are never allowed to roam outdoors.  See our "Purchase" page for more information.  We provide references upon request.


            All photos are property of House of Cats and these cats have been born here, adopted by wonderful homes. 

Burmese Cats are very social and great companions.  They seem to prefer human companionship but do well when they have one of their own kind to buddy up with when their human family is away. Burmese kittens are easily trained, they are creatures of habit.  They get along with other pets and children very well.  Burmese cats are just the best addition to the family. and one Burmese just doesn't seem to be enough.

  House of Burmese Cats

   Pampered Kittens for the Die Hard Cat Lover


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www.NuVet.com  Read about the best vitamins for your pet.  We have used them for over 6 years and what a difference it makes in our cats....and they will take them.  They like the vitamins and so easy to give it to your cat, dog or other pets you may have.  Just sprinkle on their food. 

         Call 1 800 474 7044          Use Code 94193

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Solution is an excellent way to keep gingivitis at bay and keep your pet's breath fresh.  Just put a small amount in their drinking water daily.  Read more at www.Oxyfresh.com