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  House of Burmese Cats

   Pampered Kittens for the Die Hard Cat Lover  

   Ph: 972 832 3986     Dallas, Texas Metroplex


            Due to a terrible car accident in October, I have had to retire my girls and guys.  I will not be breeding in the near future.  I want to thank my many clients, friends, and acquaintances for your trust and for giving my kittens wonderful homes.  I know the retired kitties have gone to wonderful homes as well.  I miss my furry family so much and this is very hard for me.  I hope the friends I have made the past 21 years will feel free to call or email me from time to time. 

Call:  972 832 3986

Photos are property of House of Cats and these cats have been born here, adopted by wonderful homes. 

Burmese Cats are very social and great companions.  They seem to prefer human companionship but do well when they have one of their own kind to buddy up with when their human family is away. Burmese kittens are easily trained, they are creatures of habit.  They get along with other pets and children very well.  Burmese cats are just the best addition to the family. and one Burmese just doesn't seem to be enough.