These are some photos of our summer/ fall kittens, 2014.  We expect a couple more litters soon.  We have a waiting list started but it isn't too long yet. 

Stephen's boys (below) all are doing well  in South Dakota.  Thank you Stephen for sharing your photos with us.

WINSOR and WINDOMERE relaxing in the sun.

Pampered Burmese Kittens for Die-Hard Cat Lovers

Here is some feed back from recent clients this summer.  Needless to say,, they love their kittens.  See our Purchase page which is a blog that tells you our policy and requirements to get a beautiful Burmese Kitten.

Hi Marilyn,

  The girls are doing great!  They have full run of the house now.  They go tearing around  and around the house chasing each other.  We are still working on getting them to sleep with us and they will sometimes.  We have had company 3 or 4 times and the kittens are all over them, not timid at all any more.  Oh, and they will fetch. Noel is better at it, but Holley is catching up on her skills.  They have learned the trick of running up their tower for treats.They return to the vet for their leukemia booster on Wednesday.  They are a big hit with everyone at the office. We adore them.     Donna