We will have some new litters soon.  Our waiting list is not very long right now so this would be a good time to get on the list with your preference  Flying your kitten safely to you is an option.

 Our Burmese cats live in our home as our friends and get the best treatment possible.  We value our clients, but we value our kittens more as they have no choices about their future and they depend upon us to choose the right home for their lifetime. This blog should tell you all you need to know but don't hesitate to call House of Burmese Cats at 972-475 2436. 

Our policy about raising our kittens and working with clients is that we do love the breed and kittens...and make every effort to raise healthy, socialized, beautiful Burmese for you to love and enjoy. 

Please take a few minutes to read this section through the end.   Many questions are answered here, as well as other valuable information. Don't be offended by all our "personal" questions when you call...we just want to know what your plans are for a kitten. House of Burmese Cats is not a pet shop type business.  We have a few kittens that live in our home until they leave us. It is impossible to  predict a kitten's health beyond getting a veterinarian physical and making sure our cats are as free of disease as possible.  We make every effort to breed Burmese kittens.  Logically, if we don't have diseases in our stock, the kittens will be healthy as well.  We encourage you to examine your kitten thoroughly before you take it home and we are happy to answer any questions you have. Visitors are welcome by appointment. Be aware that the cost of acquiring a new kitten can be costly the first year.  We do not pay for vet care after the kitten leaves House of Burmese Cats.   If they get sick, we do not know what is wrong, where they might have contacted a disease, etc.  Please do not think we have sold you a kitten and are responsible for it's health, especially if you have been irresponsible or careless.  You must give any animal care just like you would a child.  Examine the kitten before you leave and take it to a veterinarian within a week to make sure it is thriving. We do have a contract and health guarantee.
We have championship lines but do not guarantee our kittens to be show quality.  They probably are show quality, but House of Burmese Cats only has pet kittens for die hard cat lovers who want a loving, purring companion for their home.  Colors can get darker as the kitten matures.  We have no way of knowing how dark it will get, if any darker.  The eyes are usually gold or amber-colored.  Gold eyes usually have a green ring around the pupil with gold outer iris.  It is rare that a kitten's eyes will be gold-green, but whatever they are is absolutely beautiful.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your kitten healthy and happy as possible, and be aware of any signs of illness.  Never hesitate to contact your veterinarian in case of concern. Waiting for even a day or two can make the difference in the extent of an illness and how the cat recuperates. It is important to know that kittens are very vulnerable and moving to a new home with strangers can cause a kitten to be stressed and have "separation anxiety," and not eat well for a day or two or exhibit runny noses but as long as its eyes are clear, this is probably a mild respiratory problem due to stress and can be quickly and easily cleared up.  If there are some underlying problems not apparent at time of pickup, that can be a cause to manifest themselves and the kitten can become very ill very quickly.  Do not put off visiting or at least calling your veterinarian should this happen. You are welcome to contact House of Cats as well. It could end up a life and death matter.

We are not veterinarians and do not practice veterinary care.  Please let us know of any illness or concerns as it applies to our contract and health agreement.  Of course, we are always concerned about the health of our cats.  We never knowingly send a sick kitten away.  If a kitten exhibits signs of something being wrong, we will postpone it's departure.  Should you come pick up a kitten be sure you check it over thoroughly before leaving.   We will not pay veterinarian bills after the kitten leaves us.  If your kitten gets sick  we have no way of knowing what it may be exposed to after it leaves here.  Prior to pickup, your kitten is contained in our home and kept in a healthy environment.  You may return the kitten within a week of taking possession for a refund or get another kitten.  If the kitten has a fatal congenital or genetic disease we will replace it up to one year after you leave here with it.  Also, be sure any health issues YOU may have are not compromised by bringing in a new pet.  We have no known diseases, fleas, or health issues here and take every precaution to have healthy cats and kittens.  Please be responsible in taking a kitten home with you.  It is very important to us to find the right homes for our kittens.  After all, it is not a daily routine to choose a new family member which is exactly what you are doing when choosing a Burmese cat!  Their life span can be up to 15 to 20 years.  We do not guarantee a kitten/cat will live this long.  No one knows how long any of us will be around. We want to know as much as possible what kind of home you plan for one of our kittens.   We have a bit of a dilemma here as some folks don't realize that their kitten should be picked up as close to the pickup date as possible.  There are many reasons for this.  The kitten has been weaned at least 2 weeks, eating well, but it will start to bond with us about that time and the older the kitten is, the harder the adjustment to a new home will be.  Also, being a small operation here, space is limited and it is hard to have older kittens running around making the adjustment to new skills, eating, etc. more difficult.  Breeders often keep a kitten until it is at least 4 months old to see if it is a show quality or a breed quality, but we do not have that situation here.  Our  goal is to have pets for loving homes and the transition to a new home should be as stress free as possible.  Another reason is that we can't board a kitten for more than a few days because it has first shots, but to fly a kitten over 12 weeks of age, it will need a rabies shot  required by the airlines to travel.   Pick up is not entirely a problem.  Some folks do not want to get rabies shots for strictly indoor pets.  We don't have the space to accommodate boarded pets since we do not cage our kittens or cats.  We have a medium size house and this could also overcrowd the cats.   If you cannot pick up your kitten within a few days of pickup date, arrangements need to be made to board the kitten.  It is better to leave it here but it requires care and we must charge to keep it well cared for.  Older kittens try to take over and nurse a younger litter's mother and this is not good for the younger babies. Please try to arrange your schedule so the kitten can come to your home and bond with you and your family.  It is like having another child and is a member of the family now. Apart from the fact, we are being nosey, we want folks to think about the impact caring for a kitten would have on their lifestyle.  No animal likes being left alone for long periods of time or being ignored. They crave loving, caring attention and a person who is impatient or short tempered might not be a good candidate for a pet of any kind.
The first 48 hours in a new home is important. You should arrange your schedule so as not to leave a new kitten alone for long periods of time upon arrival at it's new home.  It should be confined to a small area when you are not home, (bathroom, bedroom etc.) until it is familiar with you, the family and other pets.  This is an important bonding period. The kitten needs a lot love, assurance and security at this time. Unlike too many other breeders, we do honor our agreements and want to work with you in any way we can to make sure you get the right pet for your home and to get the right home for our kittens. We are proud of our reputation and strive to keep it a good one. Please understand, however, that things can happen beyond our control or your control or the cats' control, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this event.  We never want to leave a client with bad feelings about House of Burmese Cats. We are dealing with living creatures and only God can determine how long any of us will be here. It is our goal to have the best quality pets for your home and we hope you are willing to give your kitten the best you can to assure a long, healthy, happy life. Our price is average in the U.S.A. for a pedigreed Burmese kitten.  You can get them cheaper or more expensive depending on what breeder you contact.  House of Burmese Cats' price is average and includes a one year replacement guarantee against fatal congenital or genetic diseases. Our kittens are well socialized, healthy, soft and sleek, and beautiful.  We like to stay in touch with the new owner and welcome photos for the web site.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION When potential kitten buyers hear the price of a Burmese kitten, they think that all breeders make loads of money from selling them.  This is NOT TRUE.  Breeding and raising kittens is not for the faint-hearted, and involves a lot of work, care, and money to do it right.   We appreciate your visiting our Boutique as the cats benefit from the proceeds. We spend a lot of money on new breeders to replace the retiring ones, the right food, litter, vet bills, stud fees, vitamins, toys, kitty furniture to play on, warm-clean bedding, laundry, time spent socializing the kittens and quality time for the breeding cats, (that is priceless), record-keeping, cleaning and sanitizing, etc. etc.  House of Burmese Cats believes that our queens and studs earn the right to have the best and we try to see that they have it.  We are often up in the middle of the night playing mid-wife to a birthing mother, making sure each kitten gets the proper attention to survive and become a wonderful companion for your home.  Often times, we hand feed a litter in addition to the milk the mother provides if we don't think the kittens are getting enough nourishment.  This happens with large litters.  Mama just needs a little help at times.  We encourage smaller litters by controlling the time queens will spend with our studs in order to have healthier kittens. Your kitten is a new member of your family and should be treated with love and respect and more importantly, responsibility.  Young children should be taught to play carefully with a new kitten so it will not bite or scratch them in self defense and become afraid of people.  A kitten should never be punished for defending itself.  Children should never pull or tug the kitten as it might be fatally injured internally. Well-meaning people sometimes want to breed a cat just once for the children to experience birth, etc.  This is a very bad idea and not well thought out.  We will never agree for this to happen.  If we learn of it, we have the right to have the cat returned to House of Burmese Cats.  There are too many abusive situations that can arise, and the offspring's welfare are of great concern to us. Children should not be taught about life at the expense of another life.  Burmese cats are extremely intelligent, trainable, human loving, social, eager to please.  Thus the name "dog cats" because of their dog-like qualities.  Because they are easily trained, we discourage declawing and encourage training to a scratching post.  This process has begun before they leave House of Burmese Cats and it won't require a lot of time and trouble to teach the babies to use a scratching post. We require a deposit when you decide to reserve a kitten.  This way we know you are serious about acquiring one of our babies.  We ask you to be sure you want a kitten from HOC BEFORE you send a deposit.  There is almost always a waiting list which speaks highly of House of Burmese Cats in that we now have many clients returning to add another kitten or referrals, in addition to new inquiries. We have no control over the colors and sex of kittens in a litter and make no guarantees about this.  If you are set on a particular color and sex, there might be a longer waiting period.   There are many expenses involved  in taking good care of our babies, so if for any reason, you decide you don't want a kitten, we will keep a portion of the deposit for our time and expenses, may keep the entire deposit, depending on your reason for requesting a refund. Only God can say if a kitten thrives or if it dies.  If anything happens to your reserved kitten, we will notify you and reserve you another kitten or return part of your deposit within a reasonable amount of time.  Because we use part of the deposits to cover expenses involved in caring for our cats and kittens any refund could mean you will have to wait until final payments have been made for that litter of kittens.  We work with a very narrow profit margin so we must strict rules in order to support this venture.  These guidelines may sound tough but in order to keep our cats and kittens healthy and well cared for, we must be able to have funds available to do so.  These events rarely happen, but we must be prepared for the unexpected.  We make every effort to give our little family the best care available.


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